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Find a good Mentor

One of my preferred sentences is “you could be my teacher”. My father who passed away several years ago taught me the importance of learning something every day. I followed his advices and all my life I’ve tried to learn something each day. I learned a lot from my best friend Randall L. Englund who […]


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Sharpen up

It is summer time, usually time to relax a little bit, think about your achievements, learn from your failures. Anyway you need to be prepared for the near future and be as effective as possible. To be an effective project manager takes time and effort. If you feel you’re not focused enough, try these tips: Work […]


Libro The Complete Project Manager

Keep growing as a project manager

Every project manager wants to be encouraged and inspired. But when we are talking about personal growth: motivation gets you going, but discipline keeps you growing. I you want to grow, be consistent. Discipline means being able to make efforts in a consistent way every day to achieve your objectives and remember that you can […]


My 3 P’s

My 3 P’s

Everyone has his or her motto. Sometimes we are so fast than we cannot reflect upon that, but I suggest you to be quite for a while and think about what are the main principles that keep you alive. What best practices have been repeated in your life that really became part of your professional […]

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