Company overview

About us - Company overview - Bucero PM ConsultingIn our current society we must learn how to be adapted, adjust and move fast in our changing market, by applying new rules and integrating new technologies. The way business and project professionals may be prepared, is changing quickly. The advantage of BUCERO PM Consulting is that we provide the consulting, training and outsourcing services that today’s professionals need to manage complex matters in its organization.

Throughout our professional team, we offer different methods of training, from the public training to the onsite training, simulation programs and e-learning programs. We provide mentoring and coaching services either for the project manager, the executive and the technical specialist. Our success is based on our professional’s experience that not only has experience as consultants and trainers but managing projects in different organizations.

We help you to create the right environment for project success. We evaluate your Organization’s maturity level, and we define the best action plan to be implemented in your organization, being able to cover technical support, mentoring and coaching, methodology development or customization, help creating a Project Management Office and project management training for all their professionals.

You can also find a description of all our Consulting services about projects, programs and portfolios. Because of our international presence, we are able to deliver consulting, training and project and program management services over the world.

  • Knowledge Management Award given by Hewlett Packard at 2002
  • CoPAT member recognition Award 2005 (Edimbourgh)
  • CoPAT member recognition Award 2006 (Madrid)
  • CoPAT member recognition Award 2007 (Budapest)
  • Leadership Institute Master Class Graduated by October 2007 in Atlanta (Project Management Institute (PMI)® Global Congress NA 2007)
  • “Distinguished Contribution Award” given by PMI at Washington DC (PMI Global Congress NA 2010)
  • “PMI Fellow Award” given by PMI en Dallas (PMI Global Congress NA 2011)

PMI is a registered mark of the Project Management Institute, Inc.