Our society needs us as project managers

Our society needs as as project managers. We are still in a financial crisis. And many things have been told about the financial crisis we are living worldwide. Most of them have been negative, focused on the problems and issues but not on the alternatives or potential solutions. We need to focus on solutions.

I know some professional colleagues who are all the time complaining about the crisis and their effects, instead of being focused on potential alternatives to move forward. They are not doing anything different than business as usual. I have a small project management consulting company and I am dealing with survival as the rest of the professionals in my sector. Every month I need to invent something to sell for surviving in business. I have many debts with relatives and friends but, I continue working and thinking every day about new potential services to be developed and how to sell them to my potential customers to move forward. As project managers we must be prepared to deal with adversity. If adversity is not there then life does not exists. If we do not have any problem managing projects or programs in organizations, those are not real projects or programs.

I compare financial crisis with a tunnel, and every tunnel has an end, and I really believe that we are arriving to the end of our financial tunnel in our business. Companies need project management as a core knowledge. We must be prepared for a new future, but we must contribute to the society with positive spirit to build up a better business future. However we cannot forget that we have the obligation, as project professionals, of selling project management advantages inside our organization. We can do much more than what we believe.

We must dream more and believe in our dreams; otherwise we will not be able to convert it into reality. I am conscious that it is very difficult to think about positive things when times are turbulent and business is not coming up, however we need  to resist and be patient all the time. We need to dream more, innovate more and create more in benefit of the project management profession, but also in our own benefit as human beings. Positive attitude is a key for the business success. Poor business times obliges organizations to stop and think about how to be more efficient and effective, and how to get results with minimum cost. Most of companies are reducing training and consulting investment and they are not conscious that it will be worse for them in the near future.

There are still many executives worldwide that are not aware of the benefits of project management discipline and how important is to apply it in order to get much better business results. Project management skills are needed for survival as a company. So companies need to invest in project management now in order to be prepared for a “better sunny future in our world”. They need to prepare their professionals to develop their project management skills. They need to think about project management as a management discipline to be implemented in organizations.

The end of the tunnel will arrive only if professionals and organizations dream that the end of the tunnel is closer and closer, and then they will act on consequence. Positive thoughts will generate positive and successful actions and results. Companies need to seed positivism in their people. They must not lie, they must say the truth but making people much more conscious about risk management skills are needed, planning skills are needed, decision making is needed, and inventing new options is crucial for a better future society.

Today is a good day to think about our positive future. Stop being affected by bad news, bad communications, they are there but they must not infect you, you need to deal with and getting better prepared to move forward. Don’t sink into the dark waters; try to swim and look for opportunities in clearer waters, never stop and the end of the tunnel will arrive for sure.

We are not conscious that in these times we are applying reactive contingency actions every week, every month to survive in business. You, as a project manager, need to publicize that in your organizations. Highlight the importance of project management skills to arrive to the end of the tunnel. If you think about positive things you will generate positive actions, I am absolutely convinced about that. How many times are you thinking about positive things during a business day? Think about it. You can choose your attitude.

Talk to you executives and explain to them that arriving at the end of the tunnel is a challenging project, and propose yourself to them as the project manager who will achieve that successful project. Discover your real project stakeholders and form a guided coalition with them, ask them for new ideas, invent thinks, not stop, you can do it, and you must do it. Build up your project plan and take action, not complain.

Some of you probably believe that these words are only my dream, but nothing is as far of the reality. I believe in my words and every morning I am dealing with my team in my organization in order to inspire them and guide them. Good and clear communication is crucial. That moves mountains, and create synergy among team members and organizations.

Investing in project management now is minimizing the costs in the future. Think smartly and act in consequence. Today is a good day!

Alfonso Bucero, MSc, CPS, PMP, PMI-RMP, PfMP, PMI Fellow

Managing Partner

BUCERO PM Consulting

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