Happy 2019! – Some advices from the trenches

When starting a new year is a good time to reflect upon for a while before working in your yearly plan. I am sure this year will be plenty of success for you as a project manager or manager of project managers. You need to be more and more complete every year and remember that you can do it because you are EXCELLENT. As project management practitioners one of our key points to remark is how to lead yourself first. Some suggestions came to my mind this morning:

  1. First: Be more positive and keep your mind focused on the words you start using from early in the morning. Remember that you are supposed to be a leader, so you will be observed. Select the right words to use every day and you will make a difference. Say all what you say using your passion and be positively contagious.
  2. Second: Practice the truth and act with honesty. You need to be a leader of great leaders. Build up a climate of authenticity and integrity (Englund & Graham, 2000). What I mean is that say what you believe and act on what you say regardless where and with whom you are.
  3. Third: We are sure you will have the opportunity to meet a lot of executives along 2019. Talk to them and sell them the benefits and advantages of project management. You have enough arguments to do that. Please do it or ask us for some suggestions to be used, if your mind cannot find anyone.
  4. Fourth: Keep your feet on the floor. Be aware of your capabilities and skills and always try to go beyond your comfort zone for a while. That way you will grow more and more as a professional. And you will be surprised about the great achievements you can do, because YOU ARE EXCELLENT!
  5. Fifth: Deal with your colleagues, peers, project stakeholders, CEOs, executives in the same way you would like to be treated. You will be surprising about how that behavior can help you to progress as a person and as a better and better professional.


Those five suggestions and many more will appear in our new edition od THE COMPLETE PROJECT MANAGER that hopefully will be in the market by Spring time. Our best wishes for 2019 and happy and very successful projects…


Randall L. Englund and Alfonso Bucero



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